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Network use rules

By using the Scuola Normale Superiore network, users undertake to comply with the GARR Accettable Use Policy (AUP) displayed on this page.

The Italian University and Research Network, commonly called "GARR Network", is based on research and academic collaboration projects between Italian universities, schools and public research institutions. It consists of the set of telematic link services, network management services, application services, storage, calculation and all those interoperability tools that allow authorized parties to access the network to communicate with each other ( National GARR network).

Only institutional activities are allowed on the GARR network!

Use Policy key point

The following activities are not permitted within the GARR Network:·

  • providing unauthorized parties with access to the GARR Network, network connectivity services, or other services which may involve it, such as providing housing and hosting services and similar services, as well as allowing routing of data and/or information on the GARR Network between two parties for whom access to the GARR Network shall not be allowed (Third party routing);·
  • using network, storage or computing services or resources, connecting hardware or services orsoftware to the network, disseminating viruses, hoaxes, or other programs in such a manner that the activities of other persons, users, or services which are available within the GARR Network or other networks which are connected to it,may be harmed, hindered, or disrupted;·
  • creatingor transmitting orstore (unless these activities may occur for research purposes or in a specifically regulated and lawful mode in all instances) any images, data, or other material, which may be offensive, libelous, obscene, or indecent, or which may offend human dignity, specially if said items pertain to gender, race, or religious beliefs;·
  • transmitting unrequested commercial and/or advertising material("spamming"), as well as allowing use of one's own resources by third parties for activities of this kind;·
  • damaging, destroying, or seeking unauthorized access to data, or violatingother users' confidentiality, including interception or dissemination of passwords, confidential cryptographic codes, and any other personal data, as it is defined by legislation pertaining to privacy protection;·
  • engaging in any other activities on the GARR Network which may be prohibited by the domestic legislation, by international standards, or by rules and customs ("netiquette") pertaining theuse of networks and the access to network services.

Responsibility for the content of materials being produced and disseminated using the network and its services is attributable to the persons producing and disseminating said materials. In situations involving persons who have not attained adulthood, responsibility may also involve persons whom the law defines as guardians in relation to minors' activities.

All users to whom access to the GARR Network and its services shall be provided must be recognized and identifiable. Hence, all necessary measures for preventing access by unidentified users must be adopted. Normally, users must be employees of participants who may be authorized, even on a temporary basis, to access the GARR Network. As far as subjects who are authorized (S.A.) for access to the GARR Network are concerned, users may also be individuals who shall have received temporary permission from the aforementioned participants as a result of employment relationships for institutional purposes.