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Reset password

If you've forgotten your password, it is possible to reset it.
This procedure is dedicated to those users who lost their password and need to reset it.

How to reset the password automatically

The users who previously entered the information for automatic password recovery into the system (telephone number and/or alternative mail), can proceed according to the following indications.

    • Access the page
    • In the panel located at the bottom left of the web page, named 'Internal users'  click on ''Reset password
    • On the next page you will be asked to provide your university e-mail address (tipically
    • In the next window select the password recovery mode (recovery options)
    • Follow the instructions received via SMS or Email and enter a new password

    Once the password reset procedure ended remember to update the network access credentials on all connected devices.

    And when automatic recovery is not possible?

    In case of non-registration of the user to the Self Service Password service (the user has therefore not previously entered the information for automatic retrieval) the issue of a new password is possible in presence, by appointment, at the reception of the Palazzo del Castelletto, from MON to FRI, from 9:30 to 13:00.

    In case of documented impossibility to personally withdraw the credentials, it is possible to use one of the following procedures, indicating the email address to which you want the new password to be sent:

    • send a password reset request to the SNS PEC address via personal PEC
    • send a password reset request to in digitally signed PDF's 
    • send a password reset request to from an institutional email address attributable to the user with attached scan of a valid and ongoing identity document

    What to do if your account is expired or deactivated?

    In the event that the account has been deactivated, for example due to the expiration of working relationship with the SNS, the user should contact his/her competent secretariat which will send a formal request to extend the validity of the account.