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WiFi Guest

Every day the Scuola Normale is frequented by several guests and occasional visitors who need to access the wireless network: the SNS-GUEST wifi network is dedicated to them. This network allows reduced web browsing: the services are limited to e-mail and web browsing. The wireless connection for occasional guests can be configured as explained below.

Connect to the SNS-GUEST network

  • select the SNS-GUEST wifi network from the list of wireless networks available on your device
  • provide the password 'sns-guest' the system will automatically open the login page (using the advanced settings of your browser, ignore the security alerts and proceed on the page)
  • on this page you can authenticate directly, if you already have credentials, or access the registration page
  • register by filling in the appropriate form that allows you to obtain a verification code via sms
  • enter the code received via sms in the confirmation window
  • open a browser and load any page; you will be redirected to a login page
  • login with the username provided and the chosen password; the browser will be sent to a confirmation page and from there you can navigate