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The Wifi-SNS network is dedicated to users already in possession of the SNS credentials, ie the institutional account @ Users who, despite being entitled to have the institutional account, have lost their password, or users who find it difficult to access the SNS's WiFi network, can ask for helpdesk support.

Connect to SNS wifi if you already have an active account

To connect to a Wi-Fi network in general, simply select the WiFi Network icon on the taskbar of your device Select the SNS network from the list of wireless networks available on your device and connect Enter your university login credentials (email and password)

Solutions to common problems

When entering credentials, some Android devices offer, after the user name or "identity", a field called "anonymous identity": this must be left blank, you need to scroll further down and enter the password of your university credentials. After changing or resetting the password you cannot connect to the network: update all the devices connected to the wifi with the new credentials. The most recent models of Android mobile phones require the modification of the EAP method which must be enhanced to PEAP in order to connect correctly to the SNS wifi. To do this, after following the standard steps described above, click on Advanced and select the PEAP value from the drop-down menu.