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Migrate Student Email to Account

In general, users retain the right to use the e-mail service for the entire duration of their contractual relationship with the SNS, as well as
for a year following the end of the same. After this time period to the former students of the ordinary course and PHD course who have duly concluded their course of study and obtained the title, an e-mail box is guaranteed on the domain, of the type - except in cases of homonymy.

Effects of migration

The mail from the account is forwarded to the account. It will always be possible to receive e-mails sent to the old address in the box, but it will only be possible to send them from the new address.

Additional Information

Before the migration to each user is informed by e-mail. (Note: migration can also take place massively for large groups of users, so it could take place after a period of more than one year from the conclusion of the study path.)

Before accessing the new mailbox for the account, you must change your password by providing the following credentials:

  • user:
  • password: old account password

At that point you can set the new password.