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Scuola Normale Superiore has entered into a triennial license agreement with MathWorks for the use of MatLab software. As a results of the agreement, MatLab licenses are available for the SNS Professors, Students and PhD, Staff.

A brief installation guide on the following HowTo. 

MatLab for SNS installation

  1. acces the SNS MathWorks Portal
  2. click Download MATLAB [Get started today]
  3. click Don't have a MathWorks Account? [Create Account]
  4. register at the MathWorks site, using your sns email as username - select "Student" or "Teaching" from the MathWorks software use
  5. validate the email address (an email is sent to your email address) clicking on the sent link, and continue registration
  6. select your Department (the closer to your application field); NO License Key needed
  7. at the end of the registration procedure, you can:
  • download MatLab
  • access MatLab Online
  • access MatLab Drive
  • attend to the online free Courses
  • access Help online, Community, Support